Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sleep ∞ Over's Glorious B-Side

So it's February 2011 and this glo-fi chillwave vhs-core trend is still maintaning some consitency in my audio adventures. The staples of the genre are quick to realize: muddled drones, dreamy melodies, mashed up din, DANCE. MUSIC. It's the sound of pleasurable, lazy nostalgia with a whole new meaning.  I recently salvaged a little band called Sleep ∞ Over, which falls in the glo-fi genre tree. Three indie ladies with their myspace and their features on compilations  and their sevin inch single, Outer Limits. No album yet, but that 7'' is a killer. The song chosen for each side is obvious, as A-side Outer Limits just has a perfect lo-fi Cocteau Mac groove going for it. Or if you prefer, an all female new wave group's basement tapes. But... the b-side.. the song La Rose.. is where the real magic is at. Check it out:

What a tune.. so many glorious marks in this dream pop tune, that it easily earned itself to be the soundtrack to my night time bike rides these past few weeks. The way the  intertwining vocals swirl in and out, that meaty drum beat, that simple guitar break after the first chorus... and how the song just picks itself right back up again. It's hazy, yet emotive and meaningful, as it guides you through lonely dark city streets (probably in midsummer). It's the song that just exemplifies the emotion I can extract from music, and gives me a little hope in finding that hidden audio gem while digging through all these hip indie genres.


  1. Wow. That is a really chill tune. Definitely going into my rotation. It's hard to find something like this with today's "music"

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