Monday, February 7, 2011

Doom Doom Doom


A churning chunk of sound cutting into the headphones. Monotonous, thick guitars playing from all corners of my ears. Backwards instrumentation chopping and ripping through the headphones. A serious voice ascending from the Netherlands, stating the meaning behind it all. This is doom metal. And as a fan of soundscapes in my metal, doom is my preferred subgenre. And while listening to doom.. I thought.. why not play some?


Well, not exactly. After mustering up a copy of Doom for my beloved Saturn, I quickly learned the sad truth: it's a crappy port of the game. It has the always unwanted problem of slowdown.. shame on the Saturn! Luckily, using my noggin just a bit, I quickly considered the idea of a DOOM flash game. Which google reviewed to be true, on good old Newgrounds!

So, I fired that bad boy up, got my Electric Wizard and Reverend Bizarre 12 inch mix blasting, and emerged myself in the fires of DOS hell. It never hurts to give classic games a little soundtrack update, you know? Next time you're cruising for a little nostalgia of the darker side of gaming, why not add a little doom metal flair? If you aren't familiar to the genre, try a little taste of this monolith of a track:

And now my mind is a vapid cesspool of dark imagery. Thank you, doom.