Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Divided World of Syntax

It's easy to get in a habit of making big statements and not sticking to them. Whether we vocalize them or not, we can fool ourselves in the end with such glorious ideas. This is probably due to our fantasies that give us limitless possibilities without considering the tussle of dedication. I recently had a similar statement spat out of my mind: "I want to learn a foreign language!"

What's my reasoning? Well, the exciting possibilities of one day travelling to foreign lands and avoiding the intimidating language barrier. Also, boredom. Lots of that. It only to a little consideration to figure out the languages I wanted to learn, too. Recently, I've been enjoying my Sega Saturn with some Japanese titles, filled with so letters and symbols, I can't even imagine the meaning behind them. So there's one language on my plate; how about another one? My mind went directly to the coarse and defiantly hip enunciation found in the German language. So there you have it, I'm learning Japanese and German. Just like that.

Am I fool? Maybe, but with free time and no college to give my brain a workout, I don't see any harm (I'll just be out a couple dollars on notebooks and no. 2 pencils). Only time will tell if I keep at this, or just piddle away out of boredom. So, are you folks pursuing any gigantic goals that just came to you out of the blue? Or are any of you currently learning a savvy new language?

I dedicate this post to the "ka" hiragana symbol in Japanese. You're one of my favorites to write, buddy.


  1. Japanese is such a intriguing language. Very different from German.

    Viel Glueck!

  2. Japanese is a tough language. I took classes years ago... but have forgotten almost everything. Ah, the years....

  3. ARGG, there's too many characters to learn dammit!

  4. Go for it man! German is pretty simple if you already know English.