Saturday, February 26, 2011

Echo Park Jitterbug

Nothing like coming back to a loving, loving friend after a long seperation. I gave up soda about a year ago, and have basically said goodbye to my main source of caffeine. Sure, I've had the occassional bit of chocolate, but not enough to really maintain a heavy consistent amount of caffeine in my body. All through my adolescent life, I was never without some kind of sugary beverage to pump in my body; heck, I even got into coffee by the 12th grade. I destroyed that bitter taste with sugar and creamer, of course.

I find it rather humorous that I never felt a "boost" in energy. I could go through a couple of sugary cups of coffee with a couple of warm strawberry poptarts, and not feel the slightest jitter in my legs or arms. If anything, I was just maintaining my caffeine/sugar addiction and that's it, no spike in activity. Eventually, I bored myself of coffee and slowly backed out of soda until I was drinking no more (no need for cold turkey!). It was actually rather easy when I considered substitutes, namely water or juice. I wonder if that's the secret to people kicking heavy addictions. Not saying that I could easily handle a cigarrette/cocaine addiction, but if I ever did, I'd look into trying to replace the stuff with similar, healthy actions.

Anyway, I'm living with a friend and his family now and I've noticed a very interesting invention in the kitchen: the ONE CUP coffee maker. That's right, one cup. No need for dishing out a heeping cup of Folger's brew either, as the coffee maker takes these little plastic coffee cups you simply place in a cartridge. Just add water, press a button or two, and you've got a cup of brewed coffee in about half a minute. I know I'm probably overrating this dated piece of a equipment, but sometimes accessibility, even for the stupidest things, can take me by surprise.

I decided to make a cup of coffee last night. I was on the computer, a few hours before I usually call it a night, and I was just in the mood for a slightly bitter/slightly sweet taste. It's not like I'll be wired, right? Caffeine's never had that effect on me before. I insert one of the little coffee brew cups, add some water, add a little sugar when it's done, and go back to my room. I slowly sip on the liquid, taking my time and progressing to bigger swigs as the coffee cools down. I eventually finish the cup, place the cup in the sink, go back to my room and sit.

... And I sit there... and I look blankly at my computer screen. Then, my mind starts telling me quite a few things.. "you wanna play guitar, no wait, the mandolin, you haven't gotten that out in a while. What about those Japanese flash cards right there beside you, study study study! Light that candle too, get this room smelling like some cinnamon! Christ, put your hair up it keeps falling in your eyes you need a haircut, hey remember those Tae Kwon Do moves you learned as a kid can you still do them hey put on some music NO NOT THAT AMBIENT TRASH PUT ON SOME ROCKIN yeah I guess Elvis Costello will do damn dude you still haven't memorized those Japanese phrases you gotta study more hey I bet you could play this tune on guitar LOOK IT UP ULTIMATE GUITAR DOT COM NOW LOOK IT UP holy crap dude wait wanna go on a run?? ehh it's pretty late how about a bike ride or pacing up and down the living room or something YOUR LEGS ARE JITTERING LIKE CRAZY DUDE YOU KNOW YOU WANNA MOVE JUST GET UP LETS DO SOMETHING come on come on COMEON COMEON."

Yep, I was jittery as hell. I've never felt that from caffeine before. And I also learned why people don't drink coffee at night, as I stayed up quite a few hours past my usual bed time looking over Japanese, playing bass guitar, and making quite a lot of progress in Mega Man X4. Even when I was exhausted, my body was still tingly and wanted to move. I'm actually considering adding coffee to my diet for the middle of the day when I feel the most unmotivated and lacking of energy. I just want to make sure I don't drink it in excess this time around; I should be fine with a little self control. What do you guys think of coffee? Is it a miracle study/concentration/energy device or does it taste like yucky diarrhea in your mouth? If anything, I'm happy to say I've got another weapon to fight against idleness.


  1. I like Ambient music sometimes, depending on mood of course. Sometimes I just want something that is loud and in charge.

  2. Actually, all things aside, that doggie is hilarious.

  3. Caffeine does not work on me. I sleep after a coffee!

  4. The dog just added to the article! Love it!

  5. Yep, I was jittery as hell
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